Flan jelly

This concentrated jelly can be diluted with water or fruit juice and sets optimally with a mixing ratio of one part jelly to half a part water (40-60 %). The processing temperature is between 80°C and 90°C. Darbo flan jelly is quick and easy to work with and holds together well when cut. It prevents the fruit topping from drying out prematurely and gives it an appetising glossy finish while maintaining the freshness of the fruit topping, regardless of whether a fruit or neutral flavouring is used.

Especially suited to:

  • Coating fruit flans
  • Fruit cakes

Available in the following varieties in a 13,3 kg tub:

  • Strawberry flavour
  • Apricot flavour
  • Neutral

The apricot-flavoured and neutral jelly varieties are also available in a directly processable form in a 20 kg bag-in-box and 1.000 kg container.