Fruchtikus 125 g

Darbo’s fine fruits are not just for spreading and drinking – they can also be eaten with a spoon. Darbo Fruchtikus is a spoonable fruity snack that is rich in fruit and vitamins. These exquisite selections of fruit in an attractive 125g jar are ideal as a small snack between meals. Whether you’re at home or in the office, you can treat yourself to a fruity break with Darbo and, spoon by spoon, you can enjoy exquisite fruit in four delicious varieties: red fruits, mango and apricot, strawberry and vanilla, and tropical. For a limited time during summer and winter, two additional flavours are available to please the palate, meaning there’s something for every fruit lover. These delicious fruit products can be found in the refrigerated aisles of supermarkets. We hope you enjoy them!