A fruit-filled life

Darbo – the company



The Darbo family began producing fruit jams, fruit syrups and exquisite fruit liqueurs in 1879. The numerous awards won by these delicacies, produced in a small factory in what was formerly the Austrian city of Görz, show that, even back then, the Darbo name embodied a passion for fruit processing. Thus began the gradual growth of a company that would become known and appreciated well beyond the Görz city boundaries.

When World War I broke out in Europe, however, the factory – the company’s pride and joy – was seriously damaged and many years of hard work appeared to have been lost. Thus it came to pass that the Darbo family had to leave Görz and relocate to Stans in Tyrol. Despite these bitter setbacks, the family quickly rebuilt the company and focused on producing fine jams and bottling honey from that point onwards.

They were helped by the fact that Tirol was enjoying a small increase in tourism even in the 1920s, with visitors from near and far able to come and be wowed by Darbo’s delicious products.

Buoyed by the growing demand, the family took the bold step to build a new factory in the 1950s and they also began attracting more private households as customers. Darbo steadily gained market share and expanded its range in both the foodservice and food retail industry and became the market leader for jams and honeys in Austria, not least because of its loyal customer base.

Its success in Austria served as an encouraging confirmation that its strategy was working, so the company also ventured the odd glimpse abroad too. However, it soon became clear that its current operating site was not big enough to supply any new markets. So, after intense planning, another factory was opened in Stans in 1993. The company was now enjoying growing success supplying its fine jams, honeys and syrups to shops outside of Austria as well. In the mid-1990s, Darbo also decided to start making fruit products for creameries, bakeries and confectioners and so Darbo’s delicious fruits found their way into many a doughnut and yoghurt.

In 2009, after decades of running the company, Klaus Darbo handed the reins to his son Martin, who is now the fifth generation of the family to run the business, which he does alongside his uncle Adolf. Darbo is now a well-known medium-sized family firm that operates at four sites in Tyrol and produces high-quality products for restaurants and hotels as well as for the foodservice and food processing industries.


Darbo can boast over 140 years of experience and expertise in processing fruit and is now the clear leader in the Austrian jam and honey market, an industry with a venerable tradition.

The company’s success is built on the single-minded pursuit of its mission:


Darbo currently employs close to 400 dedicated members of staff. Its welfare policy focuses on employees as people, because only happy staff are capable of moving the company forward successfully. All employees can undertake continuing professional development in their specialist field and play a full role in the company’s development – giving them a strong sense of motivation and laying the ideal foundations for lasting success.


Producing our fine fruit creations begins where the best fruit grows. Whether the fruit is picked in the wild or harvested from the field, the decision as to which is good enough to be used in Darbo’s products is made there and then. Choosing the right varieties of fruit, which are grown in the right environment, and cultivated and picked when they are perfectly ripe, is particularly crucial. Thus, for instance, only especially soft and flavoursome apricots or wild lingonberries and blueberries are used.

When it comes to buying fruit, decades of experience and trusted relationships with suppliers gives us an edge that secures us high-quality produce. This results in exquisite fruit creations from the best growing regions in the world.


Only carefully selected fruit finds its way into our jam jars – naturally. After harvesting, the fruit is washed and their cores, calyces and stalks as well as any leaves and stones are removed. The fruit is quick-frozen to preserve its freshness and allow us to always have an adequate supply of apricots, strawberries and raspberries outside harvest season as well.

Our jams are produced based on a decades-long tradition. Granulated sugar and pectin are added to the fruit as it is carefully heated and gently stirred until the perfect fruit-to-sugar ratio is achieved. Lemon juice concentrate then is added to enhance the taste. Our gentle production methods ensure that none of the natural fruit flavour is lost.

The jams are then carefully poured into jars and lovingly wrapped. Darbo’s fine jams are then finally ready to take their place on breakfast tables near and far.