Honey from Austrian beekeepers 500 g

Good things are close to home: Exquisite honey from Austrian beekeepers is a very special experience. What else is there for honey lovers to enjoy? You’ll find it here.

Honey Dispenser 300 g

Our honey dispenser is an eye-catching addition to any breakfast table: Our honey dispenser. What makes it so practical? Find out more here.

Honey 500 g

Maximum enjoyment for every taste: Our diverse range of honeys always has something new for you to discover and enjoy. What else is there for honey lovers? Find out everything you need to know here!

Single Jars 250 g

A small jar with a big taste: single-person and smaller households will love eating honey from these lovely containers. What makes them so practical?

Honey 1000 g

For real honey aficionados: Our 1000 g jar is perfect for sumptuous breakfasts with friends and for plenty of tasty bites between meals. What else is inside?


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