Speculaas spiced biscuit layer dessert

for 4 jars


100 g raw Marzipan
200 g whipped cream
50 g chopped almond kernels
500 g low-fat quark cheese
25 g sugar
250 g Darbo all natural raspberry jam (extra)
100 g Speculaas spiced biscuits

for 4 jars


Roughly grate the raw marzipan. Heat 100 g cream in a small pan, add marzipan and melt while stirring. Remove pan from heat and let cool. Roast almonds in a pan without cooking oil until golden brown and let cool on a flat plate.

In the meantime, mix quark, sugar and dissolved marzipan in a bowl until creamy. Whip 100 g cream and knead in 2 portions. Stir Darbo all natural raspberry jam (extra) briefly until smooth. Finely crumble the biscuits, mix with nuts (put some aside to use as a garnish later), and distribute amongst in 4 jars (approx. 350 ml each). Layer marzipan cream and jam in the jars. The final layer features Darbo all natural raspberry jam (extra), a biscuit on top, and the remaining mixture of cookies and nuts.


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