Quark-elderflower syrup ice cream

for 12-15 scoops


200 ml Darbo elderflower syrup
250 g low-fat quark cheese
150 g whipped cream
250 g strawberries
1 tbsp. sugar

Mint to garnish

for 12-15 scoops


Heat 50 ml Darbo elderflower syrup in a saucepan. Add the quark and stir until creamy. Let cool.

Whip cream until thick. Wash strawberries, clean and cut into small cubes. Add cream, half of the strawberries, and 150 ml elderflower syrup to the quark.

Pour into a suitable deep-freeze container and freeze overnight. Puree the remaining strawberries and sugar in a tall container using a hand blender. Cut 4 scoops from the ice cream mixture. Then freeze the remaining ice cream for future use.

Pour one scoop of ice cream into each bowl, pour strawberry puree around it and garnish with mint.

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